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The soundtrack to the movie The Crow was released in Rage Against the Machine re-recorded their B-side "Darkness of Greed" and renamed it "Darkness" for this soundtrack. The Cure also wrote the song "Burn" for the movie. Stone Temple Pilots originally intended to re-record a song off their Mighty Joe Young demo, titled "Only Dying", but was never able to when Brandon Lee had died during production.

The inclusion of songs written by The Cure and Joy Division are notable because the influences of both bands are present in the original comic book. James O'Barrthe creator of The Crowreprinted the lyrics to the song " The Hanging Garden " by The Cure on an entire page, and some chapters of the comic book are named after Joy Division songs — " Atmosphere " and "Atrocity Exhibition", for example.

In one panel, Eric even quotes a lyric from the song "Disorder" from the album Unknown Pleasures. O'Barr was a big fan of both bands when he was creating the comic book. The other music in the film which is not included in the soundtrack is instead on The Crow: Original Motion Picture Score of original, mostly orchestral music, with some electronic and guitar elements, written for the film by Graeme Revell.

Peaking at the top of the Billboard Top Albums Chart, the album has sold 3. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Redirected from Burn The Cure song. The Los Angeles Times.

The Cure (song)

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Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Alternative rockalternative metalindustrial rockgothic rockgroove metal.

Fear and Bullets Machines of Loving Grace. Stone Temple Pilots. Nine Inch Nails. Rage Against the Machine. Violent Femmes. For Love Not Lisa. The Jesus and Mary Chain. Total length:.The Cure is the twelfth studio album by British alternative rock band the Cure.

The album was released on 29 June by record label Geffenand promoted with the single " The End of the World ".

Lovesong (The Cure song)

The album was entirely produced by American producer Ross Robinsonknown for his work with bands like KornSlipknotand Limp Bizkit. This may explain why the songs on the album are heavier than previous material by the band. Smith described the record as "Cure heavy", as opposed to " new-metal heavy". According to the liner notes, the entire album was recorded live in the studio. According to Smith, the official track listing includes the closing "Going Nowhere", which was excluded from North American pressings.

There's fifteen being released in this first wave, and three of the five being left off are the most depressing songs we've ever done. Ross Robinson is beside himself with anguish that I've left them off the album. The running order that Ross came up with was an eight-song album of all the big, dark, dismal songs.

Then I put together my running order and we played them back-to-back, and I just preferred mine. The fact is, I make the decisions. The artwork was designed by Smith's nephews and nieces: children who were unaware that their drawings were to be put on the album. The drawings were supposed to be of a 'good dream' and a 'bad dream' from each niece and nephew. Smith compiled the best drawings on the album and then produced it.

The Cure is the first record by the band released by producer Ross Robinson's I Am labelwith whom the Cure signed a three-album deal. To promote the album, the band appeared at several festivals in Europe and the United States in spring [ ambiguous ] In the summer ofthe band launched the Curiosa festival, where they performed shows across the United States with a number of bands who have been inspired by the Cure, including MogwaiInterpol and Muse.

The band then performed in Mexicofollowed by additional festivals and televised performances in Europe, culminating with the end of By the end of the year, every song from The Cure had been performed live by the band. The Cure was released on 29 June It debuted at No.

Initial pressings included a bonus DVD containing a documentary of the conception of three songs from the album, titled Making 'The Cure'. Critical response to The Cure has been generally positive.

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Metacritic calculated the weighted average score given to The Cure at 75 out of AllMusic 's Stephen Thomas Erlewine was mixed in his review of The Curequalifying it as "the type of record that sits on the shelves of diehard fans, only occasionally making its way on the stereo". After that, it's right back into the abyss. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. I AM Geffen. Ross Robinson Robert Smith.

Rolling Stone.Smith was still the official guitarist of the Banshees while he wrote The Top. For The TopSmith teamed up with another Cure founding member, Lol Tolhurstwho had given up drums for keyboards, and new drummer Andy Andersonwho had previously performed on the UK top 10 single " The Lovecats ".

Porl Thompson was credited for playing saxophone on "Give Me It". The album's style is eclectic, with Smith using various instruments including violin and flute. The Top was released on 30 April by record label Fiction. It was a commercial success in the UK, peaking at No. Upon its release, the reaction in the British press was mostly positive.

Steve Sutherland of Melody Maker praised the album for its "psychedelia that can't be dated", [13] while Andy Strike of Record Mirror called it "a record of wicked originality and wit". In a retrospective review, Q writer Tom Doyle dismissed The Top as a "transitional record of forgettable songs".

The album was re-released August 8, in the U. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The Cure. Gothic rock psychedelic rock.

the cure wiki

David M. Allen Chris Parry Robert Smith. Retrieved 7 January Retrieved 27 June The Austin Chronicle. Retrieved 12 June The Encyclopedia of Popular Music 5th concise ed.

Omnibus Press. The Guardian.

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Retrieved 8 January Q : Record Mirror. In Brackett, Nathan; Hoard, Christian eds. Uncut : UK Albums Chart. Retrieved 20 March Melody Maker. Stylus Magazine. Archived from the original on 25 January A man receiving the cure as depicted in the Delirium Pilot.

The Cure is a brain surgery within the Delirium Trilogy that results in the said patient being incapable of love or strong emotions. It is the main combatant against Amor Deliria Nervosa love and is mandatory for everyone over eighteen. Those who have received the cure are known as cureds. Those who haven't yet are known as Uncureds.

Sixty-four years before Delirium began, the President of the United States and the Consortium identified love as a disease. Twenty-one years after this first announcement, a cure for love was perfected [1] by Cormac T. Holmes [2] and is eventually made mandatory for everyone over eighteen. Those who refuse the cure are either forced into the procedure or else killed.

The procedure of the cure is usually done in a government building such as the labs in Portland or a hospital. Not much is known about the actual procedure itself although it seems largely implied that a portion of the brain is removed or else cut apart but what is known is that the person is immobilized with a three-pronged instrument in order to administer the cure.

This leaves a trade-mark three pointed scar on the person's neck that every cured has. Lauren Oliver answered in an ask that the cure involves the limbic system of the brain and that it disables the neuronal pathways which enable people to feel love and other strong emotions.

The cure has numerous side-effects including the inability to dream and an overall smothering of all emotions. Cureds usually have a filmy, distant look and they feel detached from the rest of the world. Lena Haloway mentions that the cure works differently on everybody and that her cousin, Marcia Tiddlesometimes cried hysterically for no reason at all after she was cured.

Although the cure is said to be perfected, it has been shown to have some very unexpected results. There are some adults who are cured and yet still experience strong emotions such as Annabel Haloway.

Other people have a total loss of mental function. While most of those under eighteen are uncured, if they show signs of deliria they are cured regardless of age. This can lead to severe problems as anyone under eighteen who is cured usually has mental disabilities, paralysis, or blindness. After a person has been cured, they can be married to their pair and no longer have to be segregated from the opposite gender.

Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ]. Categories :.Pornography is the fourth studio album by English rock band the Curereleased on 4 May by Fiction Records. The sessions saw the band on the brink of collapse, with heavy drug use, band in-fighting, and frontman Robert Smith 's depression fueling the album's musical and lyrical content.

Pornography represents the conclusion of the Cure's early dark, gloomy musical phase, which began with their second album Seventeen Seconds Following its release, bassist Simon Gallup left the band, and the Cure switched to a much brighter and more radio-friendly new wave sound. It has since gone on to gain acclaim from critics, and is now considered an important milestone in the development of the style of music known as gothic rock.

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Following the band's previous album, 's Faiththe non-album single " Charlotte Sometimes " was released. The single, in particular its nightmarish and hallucinatory B-side "Splintered in Her Head", would hint at what was to come in Pornography. In the words of Robert Smithregarding the album's conception, "I had two choices at the time, which were either completely giving in [committing suicide] or making a record of it and getting it out of me".

He also claims he "really thought that was it for the group.

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I had every intention of signing off. I wanted to make the ultimate 'fuck off' record, and then sign off [the band]". The band, Smith in particular, wanted to make the album with a different producer than Mike Hedgeswho had produced Seventeen Seconds and Faith. According to Lol TolhurstSmith and Tolhurst briefly met with the producer Conny Plank at Fiction's offices in the hopes of having him produce the album since they were both fans of his work with Kraftwerk[6] however, the group soon settled on Phil Thornalley.

On the album's recording sessions, Smith noted "there was a lot of drugs involved". Smith related: "We had an arrangement with the off-licence up the road, every night they would bring in supplies.

We decided we weren't going to throw anything out. We built this mountain of empties in the corner, a gigantic pile of debris in the corner. It just grew and grew". I can't remember exactly why, but we did". Smith noted, "At the time, I lost every friend I had, everyone, without exception, because I was incredibly obnoxious, appalling, self-centered". He also noted that with the album, he "channelled all the self-destructive elements of my personality into doing something".

the cure wiki

Polydor Recordsthe company in charge of Fiction Recordsthe label on which the album was released, was initially displeased with the album's title, which it saw as being potentially offensive.

Regarding the album's musical style, NME reviewer Dave Hill wrote, "The drums, guitars, voice and production style are pressed scrupulously together in a murderous unity of surging, textured mood".

the cure wiki

Hill further described it as " Phil Spector in Hell". Smith said that "the reference point for the record was not Joy Division at all but the first Psychedelic Furs album which had, like, a density of sound, really powerful". They drew something out of me". Pornography was released on 3 May Despite the commercial performance of the album, Pornography was not well received by most music critics upon its release.

NME reviewer Dave Hill was ambivalent towards the album, writing that while he found the lyrics "tiresomely self-analytical," the album "portrays and parades its currency of exposed futility and utterly naked fear with so few distractions or adornments, and so little sense of shame.Alphabet Says e Perfect Murder.

And I laugh as I drift in the wind blind dancing on a beach of stone, cherish the faces as they wait for the end, a sudden hush across the water and we're here again. And the sand and the sea grows, I close my eyes move slowly through drowning waves going away on a strange day. Standing on the beach with a gun in my hand, staring at the sea, staring at the sand, staring down the barrel at the arab on the ground, I can see his open mouth but I hear no sound. I would break down at your feet and beg forgiveness plead with you but I know that it's too late and now there's nothing I can do so I try to laugh about it, cover it all up with lies, I try to laugh about it hiding the tears in my eyes 'cause boys don't cry.

Sunk deep in the night I sink in the night, standing alone underneath the sky I feel the chill of ice on my face, I watch the hours go by, the hours go by. She stands twelve feet above the flood, she stares alone across the water, the loneliness grows and slowly fills her frozen body sliding downwards. One by one her senses die, the memories fade and leave her eyes, still seeing worlds that never were and one by one the bright birds leave her. Stroking your hair as the patriots are shot, fighting for freedom on the television, sharing the world with slaughtered pigs, have we got everything?

She struggles to get away. The pain and the creeping feeling, a little black haired girl waiting for saturday, the death of her father pushing her, pushing her white face into the mirror, aching inside me and turn me around, just like the old days, just like the old days. Caressing an old man and painting a lifeless face, just a piece of new meat in a clean room, the soldiers close in under a yellow moon, all shadows and deliverance under a black flag.

A hundred years of blood crimson, the ribbon tightens around my throat, I open my mouth and my head bursts open, a sound like a tiger thrashing in the water, thrashing in the water, over and over, we die one after the other, over and over, we die one after the other after the other.

Today there was a tragedy underneath the bridge, a man walked cold and blue into La Ment. The sky coloured perfect as the man slipped away waving with a last vanilla smile.

Dust my lemon lies with powder pink and sweet, the day I stop is the day you change and fly away from me. I am slowing down as the years go by, I am sinking. So I trick myself like everyboby else, the secrets I hide twist me inside, make me weake. On that bleak track see the sun is gone again the tears were pouring down her face, she was crying and crying for a girl who died so many years before.

And in the road before us stood a weary greyish man who held a child upon his back, a small boy by the hand, the three of them were dressed in rags and thinner than air and all six eyes were stared fixedly on you. The father's eyes said "beautiful! How beautiful you are! She shimmers like a star! I never said I would stay to the end, I knew I would leave you with babies and everything, screaming like this in the hole of sincerity, screaming me over and over and over.

the cure wiki

I leave you with photographs pictures of trickery, stains on the carpet and stains on the memory, songs about happiness murmured in dreams when we both of us knew how the end always is. He waits for her to sympathize but she won't sympathize at all, she waits all night to feel his kiss but always wakes alone, he waits to hear her say "forget" but she just hangs her head in pain and prays to hear him say "no more, I'll never leave again", how did we get this far apart?

We used to be so close together, how did we get this far apart?The song saw considerable success in the United States, where it was a number two hit reaching that position during the week of October 21,behind Janet Jackson 's " Miss You Much " and the band's only top ten entry on the Billboard Hot ; in the United Kingdom, the single charted at number The song has been covered by several artists, with notable cover versions by American rock bandrecorded for the soundtrack for the film 50 First Dates and also released as a single.

This song was also performed by Adele on her album The song is performed in A minor and is built around a distinctive bass riff. Speaking of its simplicity and unusually upbeat nature compared to the other tracks on DisintegrationSmith stated, "It's an open show of emotion. It's not trying to be clever.

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It's taken me ten years to reach the point where I feel comfortable singing a very straightforward love song". The single version of the song is almost exactly the same as the album version, but the mix is slightly different, with extra reverb and harmonies added to Smith's vocals. In addition, in the instrumental section between the first two verses, the guitar does not join the keyboards as it does on the album.

Upon release as a single, the song received worldwide success, and first peaked at number 2 on the Billboard Hotmaking it the group's most successful single in the US to date. An instrumental demo version recorded by the band was featured on the second disk of the re-release of Disintegration. Similar to the title variations of The Cure song " In Between Days ", there doesn't seem to be a universally agreed-upon spacing method of the title of Lovesong, as it varies between "Lovesong" and "Love Song" on many official Cure releases.

The original artwork for the album Disintegration uses "Love Song" on the track listing and "Lovesong" on the lyrics sheet: the revised art for the remaster of the album consistently uses "Lovesong". When released as a single inthe cover artwork displayed the title as "Lovesong"while the printing on the disc itself read "Love Song" all three times.

Subsequent releases of Paris and Galore both use "Lovesong" exclusively, while 's Greatest Hits compilation uses "Lovesong" on the track listing and "Love Song" within the liner notes. Love Song was released as a single by the band and is featured on the soundtrack of the film 50 First Dates.

It is also featured on 's greatest hits album, Greatest Hits '93—' While The Cure's original version hit number 2 on the Alternative Songs chart, 's cover was more successful on the chart, hitting number 1 on the chart. However, The Cure's original version was still more successful on the pop charts, peaking number 2 on the Hot chart, while 's cover peaked at number 59 on the chart. While The Cure's original version uses gothic rock elements, 's cover is a love song with many reggae rock roots similar to their hit " Amber ".

Robert Smith (singer)

Voltaire released an acoustic cover on his album Then and Again. It was also covered by Maltese singer Ira Loscofound on her unplugged album Unmasked. Japanese singer Immi included a cover of the song on her debut album Switch. British singer Adele included a bossa nova cover of the song on her second album, The American Indie-pop band Koufax covered it in several live apparitions.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Robert Smith Dave Allen. Sample of "Lovesong" by The Cure. Australia's Music Charts — Ultratop Retrieved 13 March